Dark Hardwood Flooring for Added Charm and Style

Not so long ago, dark hardwood floors is now the preferred choice of young, trendy designer types looking to re-floor their lofts with a view to furnishing them with a heady mix of stainless steel and leather. Happily, an increasing number of people are denying that dark hardwood floors can add real charm and fashion, regardless of what type of interior you are planning. In fact, among the best things about dark hardwood floors is that it may be used to blend and match with any kind of furnishing — pretty much without any exception.

If you are tempted to plump for a dim hardwood floor, you can see our entire range . As you will see, there’s a fantastic choice of over 80 different floors in this category. That will give you a fantastic idea of how in demand this solution is.

Here are Merely Some of the floors that we’ve seen used in great settings:

All these Engineered Oak Jet Black floors are so dark, you would be forgiven for wondering whether it’s actually completely black. As we mentioned in the introduction to this site article, this style of flooring was somewhat stereotyped to a part of suiting hyper-modern insides. However, at Wood and Beyond, we’ve understood this flooring work really nicely with a comfortable, casual look interior composed of squashy linen couches and soft sheepskin rugs. Creating an almost alpine chalet look, not only is that this floor a whole bargain, it is also easy to maintain and really flexible with respect to where you can use it.

Alternatively, if you would like dark hardwood floors but you want more of a conventional brown wood color, then those engineered oak coffee alternatives are for you. Again, an extremely flexible option, this is a floor you’ll never tire of. What is more, because it’s been UV oiled, even if your area is in bright, direct sunlight, you can be certain that it is protected, as a result of the clever sun filter from the oil that it has been treated with. A fantastic solution if you would like a very natural looking floor, this choice appears fantastic either utilized in one sided settings in rooms like lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens or baths, and is absolutely magnificent as a comprehensive solution throughout your house or apartment.

For anyone looking for something really out of the normal, this organic engineered oak herringbone dark Paloma UV Engineered hardwood flooring is for you. Stunning is the only word we can use to describe it. Its parquet design, complete with its dark color makes it really, really unusual. We have seen this floor employed in a mixture of contemporary and more traditional settings and place simply,”it works” fabulously in both. As a result of its intriguing design and texture, you can add this dark hardwood flooring to even the humblest of chambers and discover the way that it takes even the easiest of insides into a whole new level.

It has a whole selection of alternatives to provide you and to tell the truth, the only thing that will restrict your selection is your imagination.

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