shutterstock_744304795Whether you are renovating your Acton Area condominium, upgrading your East Bay luxury residence, or just searching for a way to muffle the egregious sounds of your teenage son’s absurd music, it might be time for you to research hardwood floor underlay solutions.

There are a number of products out there. Basic underlay consists of lace. This foam is not really suitable for hardwood floors; it is better for concrete. It contains a side with moisture barrier and also a side with foam cushioning.

Advanced Products Better Suited for Hardwood Floors

Higher-tier underlay products can continue to keep your wood floors looking more wood-like, absorb more noise, protect against moisture, and also insulate. Here are some Fantastic underlay products:

  • QuietWalk. This environmentally friendly cloth is constructed from recycled materials. It’s ideal for absorbing moisture, fostering insulation, and protecting the floor underneath.
  • Cork. Additionally eco-friendly, cork is excellent at muffling sound and at insulating. Cork can be found in practically any thickness — it is readily customized to your own requirements.
  • Other goods, like Proflex and Floor Muffler. These also muffle sound, protect against moisture, etc.. These products aren’t considered as”green” as cork and QuietWalk, but they can positively impact the feel of the ground.

Selecting the Ideal Underlay for the Job

Countless factors must be considered, for example:

  • Which sort of hardwood flooring do you have?
  • What is the condition of its repair?
  • Just how much humidity/moisture does the floor get exposed to?
  • Which are your aesthetic needs?
  • What is your budget?
  • Just how much can you really care about if the products you use are”green” or not?
  • What is your time for setup?
  • Will this be a”do-it-yourself” occupation, or do you wish to hire someone?

For help finding your underlay options, join with the team here at Floor Sanding Acton. Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals may help you through best practices.


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