What Is Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

turin_warm_pd2294_13_5_recolor_58055767dd211_1000Hand scraped wood flooring is a very common wood flooring alternative with anyone seeking something just a little bit different. This type of hardwood flooring, as its name suggests is timber flooring which has been made to look older, slightly distressed and worn, using a technique called hand scratching. Hand Engineered hardwood flooring come in a number of different appearances, each having a uniqueness which functions to enhance the appeal of this option of timber flooring.

The hands scratching technique used today to era wood flooring is not fresh and actually goes back to way before mechanical wood working tools had been invented. Before machining timber, planks were typically sawn by hand to be used as flooring. As you can imagine, hand-cut boards, by their own nature, had a tendency to be irregular and jagged, unlike their modern day, machined equivalents.

Hand scratching was the procedure used before mechanical wood working tools were invented to make hand sawn wood flooring appear more flat, and also to remove flaws and undulations in the general floor. Ironically pre-machine hand scratching was a technique used to perform the complete opposite of what it does now, that is to say, then it was used to make the floor look more great, now it is used to make the floor look worn! When wood was scraped in these ancient days, it was common for the procedure to involve the use of the timber to create scraping easier.

Much like many other style options now, this obsolete, hand made looking wooden flooring option is much sought after, even more often than not,”hand” scraping nowadays is performed by machine rather than ever by hand.

Engineered wood floors, either created by machine or by hand takes on an aged, worn appearance which suggests that the floor has a true legacy plus a bit of a story to tell. The finish on hand engineered flooring imply that the floor might have lived a former life in a grand building or may have survived a long time of visitors in a favorite place, each of which add to its appeal.

The technique of hand scraping could be carried out on solid or engineered floors to create this sought after worn, weathered and”test of time” look. Unsurprisingly, you should expect to pay significantly more for timber which has been scraped by hand than machine scraped wood, because of the labor intensive nature of this procedure. That said, wood which is completely hand scraped has a certain uniqueness all its own.

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