Not All Dustless Refinishing Is the Same


If you hear dustless refinishing from a hardwood flooring company, take note that not all of dustless refinishing systems are the same. In Floor Sanding Acton, we use the BONA dustless refinishing system. Why BONA? Where other”dustless” sanding systems empty the dust right into a container within your house where it could escape, our dust containment system pulls all the dust out of your house and straight into the containment unit at our truck outside, keeping the interior of your house clean and 99.8% Nominal. Due to this incredible method, refinishing your floors is easy, painless, mess-free, and most importantly very fast! With less mess and hassle, your family and pets do not even need to leave the house.

Incredible Benefits

You won’t find a simpler procedure anyplace.

— You can remain inside your home throughout the Whole procedure — start to finish

— Leave your pets safely at home — there is no need to invest extra money to board Fido

— Leave rooms as they are — no difficulty or sealing

— There will be no Danger of dust getting into your ductwork

— No lingering dust will ruin your perfectly new refinished flooring

— No strong scents from draining agents

— Environmentally friendly

— Absolutely no harmful respiratory effects (using other methods microscopic dust particles may linger for months afterward)

— Faster job end — there Isn’t Any time-consuming hanging of cleaning or plastic involved

Since the dust is never loose in your house, the full process of refinishing your floors is quicker, safer, and cleaner than ever before. You must experience it for yourself as the end result is really flawless. Having your hardwood flooring refinished does not have to be stressful or chaotic. With our amazing dustless refinishing system you will have shiny, new, stunning hardwood floors in no time in any way.

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